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Functional Medicine Doctor in NYC

When it comes to selecting a functional medicine doctor in NYC, there seem to be many options. Fortunately, we've put together this post to help anyone who's experiencing challenges choosing the best functional medicine doctor in NYC. Here are tips for choosing the best functional medicine doctor to support you.

Ask for Reference

Ask for a recommendation from your family and friends or colleagues at work if you are unsure which functional medicine doctor to choose. It's best to trust the person you know than trust a total stranger. Never feel shy about questioning the doctor. Try to reach out to people whom you know have related health challenges just like you.

Understand Your Requirements

Everyone has different health issues. Therefore, you need to research the area of your interest. There are functional medicine doctors who specialize in your specific conditions. You need to analyze your findings and eliminate those doctors that you think will not help you. After choosing, ensure you check the doctor's review and look for his/ her personal information. While several positive reviews about the doctor is a good sign, you need to make sure that you understand your health requirement before making your final decision.


The level of expertise and years of experience of your chosen functional medicine doctor is essential. This will help you determine the medical attention and the quality services you will receive from the doctor. Although, when a doctor is skilled and experienced, the demand for his/her services increases, the same as their fee. There, you might have to raise enough funds to get the service of such a doctor.


Reputation is another thing to consider when selecting the best functional medicine doctor in NYC. In fact, reputation is vital irrespective of the type of functional medicine doctor you need. A doctor with a good reputation means high-quality services, but you might receive low-quality services if you mistakenly choose a doctor with a questionable reputation. A reputable functional medicine doctor will never be afraid to give you contacts of his/her previous patients.


A certified board must license the functional medicine doctor you are choosing. Otherwise, you will be endangering your health. Selecting an unlicensed doctor means you are working with a quack. Always consider a licensed doctor if you want to get the best service.

Why Dr. Golberg Is One Of The Best Functional Medicine Doctors NYC

Dr. Golberg has helped many people lead healthier lives by reducing the burden of their disease. His functional medicine program is unique because he:

  • Focus on patient-centered care

  • Use a multi-disciplinary approach

  • Offer innovative delivery care models

  • Focus on chronic conditions.

Heal the Natural Way

We believe that finding a functional medicine doctor should be easy. If you live in NYC and the surrounding area, we invite you to meet with Dr. Golberg for whole-body healing. You can easily schedule an appointment online or: Contact Dr. Golberg Wellness & Functional Medicine at Brooklyn: 718-759-0100/Manhattan: 646-866-3933 for a free consultation.

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