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Mint Thread Lift

Dr. Goldberg's Wellness and Functional Medicine has been voted for having the top doctors in New York. With offices in Manhattan and Brooklyn, our facility offers the best services at the lowest costs possible.

Our crew consists of dedicated and experienced professionals who strive for nothing short of excellence. You will find a broad selection of health and beauty services at our facility, ranging from body sculpting to a nonsurgical facelift with threads.

Common Questions Related to the Best MINT Thread Lift Services

Dr. Goldberg is the leading doctor at Wellness and Functional Medicine because of his individuality and creative genius thinking paths. Please review the most common questions clients ask about the nonsurgical thread facelift procedures offered at our facility. If you don't find the answers you need here, you can call our Brooklyn office by dialing 718-759-0100 for assistance or a free consultation.

What is MINT PDO?

A PDO thread lift is also called a MINT PDO, but the procedure is the same, no matter what it is called. Polydioxanone threads are medical-grade threads commonly made with proteins to stimulate collagen and elastin's natural production. MINT is an abbreviation for a minimally invasive nonsurgical line, a cosmetic procedure approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

Is this procedure safe?

Since it is made with biocompatible materials, the medical-grade thread structures are absorbed naturally and present no health threats. The noninvasive procedure involves minimal downtime and no deep anesthesia. The method and threads are used in more than fourteen countries around the globe. Thread cosmetic procedures come highly recommended and safe for clients who've successfully maintained their weight for three months.

What are the most common side effects or health risks?

PDO thread lifts come with practically zero health risks because of the initial design of the material structure. While clients may experience some bruising, swelling, and slight discomfort, you can feel safe when seeking services from Dr. Goldberg and his staff.

How long do the results last?

The results of thread cosmetic lifts can last as long as one year, but several factors determine the results' length. Compared to other PDO lifts, MINT lifts reign supreme because of its durability and longevity.

How do MINT thread lifts work or benefit me?

Dr. Goldberg will strategically place PDO threads to pull sagging skin in the direction of the desired area. There are multiple types of thread lifts, like bi-directional and helical inserts. The thread position you need can vary, which is why service consultations come highly suggested by our team. The treads stimulate specific body sectors to produce collagen naturally and increase skin elasticity.

Which areas of the body can benefit from MINT PDO treatments?

The versatility of thread lifts makes them perfect for several areas of the body. Jawlines, necks, and jowls list a few common areas women and men treat with these nonsurgical facelifts.

Will MINT PDO thread lifts cause scarring?

At our facility, you can expect superior results that leave minimal scars behind. The final results look natural, plump, and radiant with brilliance. You can schedule a free consultation for cosmetic services at our Manhattan office by dialing 646-866-3933.

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