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Non-Surgical Nose Correction

You want your nose to honor the proportions of your face and blend in to the rest of your features. That bump? Camouflaged! Low bridge? We can create a nice, well defined bridge! Droopy tip? We can bring it up easily! Looking a bit "done" after a surgical rhinoplasty? No problem! We can smooth over unnaturally sharp edges, add symmetry and fill out scarring. Your nose can look like it has never been touched. Now that would be a nice boost of confidence and self-esteem, right?


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Non-Surgical Nose Correction

Today, the importance of the nose on the face has remained just as great because, in percentage terms, the nose occupies the most significant area on the human face. Previously, the shape of the nose could only be corrected with the help of surgical rhinoplasty. In this regard, the patient of the cosmetic clinic had to undergo a series of unpleasant procedures associated with a long and painful recovery period. Today, nose correction is done with the help of non surgical nose correction. The main task of nose correction without surgery is a temporary correction of the nose's shape with special injections - PDO threads, which will allow you to remove minor cosmetic defects, both congenital and acquired. The method is not an absolute alternative to surgical intervention but aims to eliminate certain external imperfections with a minor sacrifice. It should be noted that the procedure is unsuitable for patients with severe respiratory disorders, the curvature of the septum, or nasal bone. The technique does not solve such problems and is unsuitable for eliminating radical defects.

Who is eligible for rhinoplasty

Among the indications for the procedure of nose correction with PDO threads, the following are distinguished:

·  asymmetry of the shape of the nose;

·  depressions, dips, and irregularities;

·  drooping or too wide tip of the nose;

·  the curvature of the back;

·  hump or flat back of the nose;

·  flabbiness of tissues, "sagging" of the skin on the nose and around the nose;

·  postoperative scars and scars;

·  reconstruction of the shape of the nose after an injury.

Unlike surgery, injection rhinoplasty does not require a lengthy recovery period, is performed on an outpatient basis in 30-40 minutes, and is distinguished by a quick result with the possibility of repeated correction as many times as necessary when the effect loses its severity. At the same time, even in the doctor's office, the patient can evaluate the changes so that the doctor has time, if necessary, to correct this or that area. The duration of the preservation of the drug in the tissues can reach 2 years since denser gels with slow natural biodegradation are used for non surgical nose correction.

Of the adverse reactions, there may be swelling of the nose after the procedure, which disappears within 3-4 days.

Nose correction without surgery is a minimally invasive nose correction technique using PDO threads and threads. The procedure is suitable for patients with minor nose defects or not yet ready for major surgery.

The method of non-surgical correction has both advantages and disadvantages, which you should be aware of before deciding on non-surgical rhinoplasty.


Indications for non-surgical rhinoplasty are:

·  nose asymmetry;

·  failures, irregularities;

·  lowered tip of the nose;

·  hump;

·  flat back;

·  PDO threads face lift;

·  skin laxity.

Advantages of non-surgical rhinoplasty

Low invasiveness of the procedure. Non surgical nose correction is performed in a medical cosmetology room. Local anesthesia may be used if needed; general anesthesia is not used. Such rhinoplasty is bloodless and painless, and the rehabilitation period (swelling, pain) is practically absent;

Price. The cost of the procedure for installing threads or injections of PDO threads in the nose area is lower than traditional surgery. You have the opportunity to save on an expensive operation;

Opportunity to see the approximate result of a surgical operation. For example, you are raising the tip of the nose.

Hyaluronic PDO threads

Nose correction with hyaluronic acid is considered the safest and most effective, as they can be easily corrected manually and are fully compatible with tissues. In addition, they are easy to decompose with hyaluronidase and return everything as it was with injections of this enzyme. PDO threads with other components have a more prolonged action, but removing them from the body will be problematic if something goes wrong or complications appear.

The procedure is performed under local application anesthesia and does not require a recovery period. The patient will be able to return to their usual activities immediately, and the result of the correction will be noticeable immediately. Still, it will become more pronounced after a few days, when the redness and swelling, characteristic of any tissue puncture manipulations, disappear entirely.

Nose correction without surgery is an effective alternative to surgery if the goal is to eliminate minor external defects and achieve the desired nose shape as quickly and safely as possible. Do not be afraid to experiment with facial features if you are unhappy with something; the main thing is to do it with a competent and experienced cosmetologist who will offer the best option in your particular case.

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