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PDO Thread Lift in NYC

Collagen is an essential protein produced to maintain the elasticity and vitality of human skin. By the age of seventy, most adults have lost at least eighty percent of their skin's thickness.

As you grow older, your body produces less collagen to protect against stretched and wrinkled skin. Traditionally, surgical procedures stood as the only option to address the skin's loss of collagen.

Facelifts can be a viable option for several adults who desire younger-looking skin. However, surgical facelifts are costly and potentially dangerous for some adults.

One solution to this problem that doesn't involve surgery is a polydioxanone thread lift, commonly referred to as a PDO thread lift. People seeking to smooth wrinkled skin might consider all of the potential best options for wrinkles and droopy skin.

Dr. Goldberg's Wellness and Functional Medicine offers the leading PDO thread lift in NYC and Manhattan. When determining which nonsurgical facelift is the best for you, it is essential to practice consumer research techniques and carefully considering the quality of a provider's services.

What is a Nonsurgical Facelift?

PDO thread lifts do not require incisions, downtime, or anesthesia because the procedure is noninvasive. Medical providers use specialized needles to lift the skin to insert unique threads to anchor and tighten facial skin.

The threads stay connected using graspers or cones that are stitched to hold up skin that previously sagged. Besides immediately eliminating and reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, PDO thread lifts stimulate the body's natural healing process.

After the threads' placement, the body naturally produces collagen that primarily surges to the placement area. The sudden rush of collagen to the threaded area prompts the skin's elasticity and vitality, starting at a cellular level. The thread's biocompatible materials helped the procedure quickly gain the FDA's approval and respect from other programs.

How Can I Lift My Face Without Surgery?

Surgical facelifts come with hefty price tags and long recovery times, but that isn't the case with PDO thread lifts in New York City and Manhattan. Dr. Goldberg's Wellness and Functional Medicine offers plenty of nonsurgical facelift procedures at reasonable prices. Our facility remains dedicated to maintaining a clean and safe environment for all clients to receive superior functional medical care.

The results of PDO lifts are nothing short of spectacular, as they can soften facial lines around the eyebrows and mouth. After a PDO lift, clients have defined jawlines and contoured cheekbones that naturally enhance as the body heals itself. Facial rejuvenation helps men and women look better and feel better about themselves, which is practically priceless.

How Much are Nonsurgical Facelifts?

The costs related to nonsurgical facelifts and procedures range significantly. However, you can always expect to find competitive rates at Dr. Goldberg's Wellness and Functional Medicine.

 Dr. Goldberg leads our medical staff in performing anti-aging, body contouring, and several other treatment options. If you would like to reach our Brooklyn customer service team for a free consultation, please dial 718-759-0100. Customers in Manhattan can contact our facility at 646-866-3933. Using our services, you can achieve younger and tighter skin with minimal pain or downtime.

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