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New Yorkers don't mind to spend money for COVID-test house calls

Sophie Kaye paid $400 for a rapid COVID-19 test at her Upper West Side apartment — and the doctor threw in a flu shot.

For the 23-year-old Kaye, the speed and the comfort — let alone lowering her risk of being exposed at a clinic — were well worth the hundreds more for a house call. And other New Yorkers, mostly in Manhattan, are ponying up the big bucks, too.

Because of her job with a hotel and restaurant group, Kaye decided she was going to need a test if she wanted to be with her family on Thanksgiving. The gathering was small but one sister has asthma and her aunt is over 65.

“They’re at risk, and I didn’t want to expose anyone,” Kaye told The Post.

So, about a week before the holiday, Kaye called Mark Golberg, an acquaintance whose father is Dr. Alexander Golberg, aka Dr. Hamptons.

Dr. Golberg launched a concierge practice in the Hamptons last spring, offering the rich — at their estates — everything from COVID consultations and pain therapy to Botox shots and non-surgical nose jobs.

Now, though, the doctor is devoting his time to swabbing noses in the city.

A visit runs $400 to $500, depending on travel distance and the number of people being tested. Kaye’s company footed her bill.

“We’re completely all over the map — Upper West, Upper East, SoHo, Brooklyn. You name it we go,” said Mark Golberg, who oversees his dad’s enterprise.

Ten nurses work for the doctor — four at a Nolita clinic and six who can make house calls on their own if Golberg gets swamped. Dr. Alexander Goldberg



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