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The Dr. G Lift: A Natural Approach to Aesthetic Medicine

With over 25 years of experience practicing medicine, I have always been fascinated by the remarkable ability of the human body to heal and rejuvenate itself. As a physician, I have constantly been on the lookout for ways to tap into this innate ability to help my patients achieve optimal health and wellbeing.

During my pursuit of a second medical degree, I was introduced to the philosophy and concepts of Osteopathic medicine, which helped me realize what was missing in my arsenal of knowledge and tools as a physician. Nature is the most powerful force, with an inbuilt system and mechanisms of self-regulation and regeneration. Our body is capable of doing amazing things, from clotting and coagulating factors to rejuvenating liver cells.

However, in order to utilize our body's ability to heal and rejuvenate itself, these mechanisms must be well balanced. When the balance is disrupted, pathological processes take over, resulting in various health issues, including the aging process. With this in mind, I learned and kept the teachings of the greatest teachers' techniques to balance these mechanisms, which allows me to use significantly fewer medications.

Initially, I applied this technique to help patients with acute and chronic pains, and I was able to help people avoid unnecessary surgeries by utilizing what our body has to offer. I used cranial osteopathy and injections of PRP in the beginning over 24 years ago, PRF now, by processing patients' blood, separating all the necessary cells required for healing and rejuvenation, and injecting them into problematic areas. I also combine this with auricular acupuncture.

About 22 years ago, when I became interested in aesthetic medicine, I focused on stimulating our own rejuvenating mechanisms, using bio-stimulating materials capable of stimulating collagen, including PDO threads, Calcium hydroxylapatite, poly-L-lactic acid, and of course, PRF and stem cells. I created techniques by combining multiple bio-stimulating components to achieve the most natural and long-lasting results.

My technique, called the Dr. G Lift, has proven to be highly effective in stimulating the body's natural rejuvenation processes, with remarkable and long-lasting results. By combining the power of nature and the latest advancements in aesthetic medicine, I have been able to help my patients achieve their aesthetic goals while avoiding invasive surgical procedures.



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