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PRP Hair Treatment (NYC)

Dr. Golberg is a skilled and experienced specialist for PRP hair treatment in NYC. Dr. Alexander Golberg offers unsurpassed PRP treatment, helping patients overcome hair loss problems at budget-friendly prices.

What is PRP Therapy?

PRP or platelet-rich plasma therapy is one of the most effective ways to treat hair loss. It encompasses a three-step medical treatment during which your doctor will draw a small amount of blood from your body and processes it before reinjecting it into your scalp. Some practitioners believe that PRP injections trigger natural hair growth by supporting a higher blood supply to the hair follicle long-term. Some studies also state that PRP therapy for hair loss increases the thickness of the hair shaft.

PRP therapy is four decades old and is highly effective in healing injured tendons, ligaments, and muscles. You may need 3-4 treatments to see visible results, and there must be a 4-week gap between treatment sessions. To maintain the results, you need to undergo maintenance treatments once every 4–6 months.

Does PRP for hair loss present any side effects?

As it may be the case with any treatment that involves the use of injections, PRP therapy also carries a few risks and side effects. Some of the potential side-effects include:

  • Injury to blood vessels or nerves

  • Infection, swelling, and bruising

  • Calcification at the injection points

  • Anesthesia risks

  • Scar tissues, etc.

However, there have only been several cases of reported side-effects from patients who underwent PRP therapy. Ensure you get your PRP hair treatment in NYC from a board-certified and experienced physician to avoid complications and any potential side effects.

Cost of vampire facelift

Vampire facial involves three stages: Filler injections, platelet-rich plasma, and PRP injections. Here is a step by step process of how the procedure works:

  • Step 1 – During this stage, your doctor will inject a hyaluronic acid-based filler in target areas to provide a younger-looking face. We inject the filler in specific areas of your face based on the results you wish to attain.

  • Step 2 – Your doctor will perform standard blood draw from your arm and run it through a centrifuge to extract Platelet-Rich Plasma. PRP is a growth factor, healing damaged tissues, increasing collagen production, and improving blood flow to the tissues.

  • Step 3 – This is the final stage of the vampire facial, relying on isolating the PRP and strategically injecting it at specific points in your face to stimulate tissue repair, reduce inflammation, and generate the growth of newer tissues.

What is the difference between a vampire facelift and a vampire facial?

Vampire facelifts and vampire facials are similar treatments. A facelift combines a filler with PRP and offers immediate plumping and smoothing effects, while a facial takes up to four weeks to yield desirable results. Vampire facials use the microneedling technique to make undetectable pricks in the skin, which delivers the effects of PRP deeper into the facial skin.

Vampire facelift is ideal for those with loose or sagging skin, while facials work best for skin texture issues or acne scars. You may also speak to your provider about getting both treatments simultaneously.

With over two decades of experience, Dr. Goldberg is a highly sought-after specialist for vampire facelift. Call (646) 866-3933 to reach our Manhattan office and (718) 759-0100 for our Brooklyn.

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