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Patient Reviews


Read Our Five Star Reviews

“Very good experience doctor, who knows exactly what he is doing!"

"Great doctor, I suffered with backache for many years, 5 visits to dr. Golberg and my pain is history. Superb bedside manner, highly recommend."

“I am a very happy and healthy person, thank you, Dr. Golberg, for being my lifesaver for almost 20 years."

"When I first came to see Dr. Golberg I was almost ready to give up my search for pain relief. But Dr. Golberg had medical techniques and plasma injections that were unknown to me and I was fortunate in that they actually provided lessening of my pain."

"Dr. Golberg was amazing! My doctor couldn't help me so he referred me to Dr. Golberg. He was empathetic, I felt well cared for. My dizziness were gone after 2 treatments. He is always available when I have questions. I have referred others to him and we all think he is FANTASTIC!"

"Dr.Golberg has helped save my mental and physical health. I highly recommend anyone with any sort of pain to visit Dr.Golberg. He is very professional and made me feel at ease in his office. Everything was always smooth and I just have no words to express my gratitude to this magician."

"I have been having back pain for the past two years, and then I came to Dr.Golberg. Within two visits, I already felt a huge relief. His professional and friendly staff made the experience that much better. I highly recommend this doctor to anyone with pain anywhere. Amazing man!"

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