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Casa Cipriani

Kelly Dunning is a highly skilled aesthetician and Massage Therapist with over 14 years of professional experience in dermatology, plastic surgery, and luxury hospitality. With brand partners ranging from the Ritz Carlton Collection to the iconic Peninsula Hotel, Kelly is a force in the treatment room.


As part of the development team at Casa Cipriani New York, Kelly is the mastermind behind our sought-after Lymphatic Body Contour service as well as the Detox Scrub Experience. 


Kelly has a deep understanding of skin health; and is deeply committed to helping people look and feel their best by using the latest in skin care technology. With specialty skills in chemical peels, micro needling and laser treatments, Kelly artfully designs a unique experience tailored to individual needs. In addition, as a certified holistic health coach she brings a wealth of knowledge to any project.  

Kelly has been featured as a referred Therapist for HigherDose in recent posts, with the founder and CEO Katie Kaps sharing that Kelly is an incredibly gifted and talented Therapist.

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